Mandolin Express

Jimbo and Griff

Dave and Jim have been working together since the late 70's.

Saltcellar 6.2.2016 Jim Reynolds Dave Griffiths 037
Their rapport and versatility are the key ingredients for an act rich and varied in style, musicianship and performance. Jim's stunning guitar playing delivers blues, ragtime, old fashioned ballads and some wonderful instrumentals. An exceptionally talented singer/songwriter Jim ranks among the greatest. Dave's mandolin and bass add intricate and atmospheric support with extraordinary empathy. In his own right his soloing on both instruments is show stopping. Together they generate a boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm for the music they clearly enjoy.


Smile on Tap


Recorded live at the Coronation Tap, Dave and Jim (joined by Violinist Stuart Gordon) deliver a brilliant mix of some of their most requested songs.In The Middle Of a Kiss