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The Life Coaching Handbook

This is a great book by Curly Martin for anyone thinking of becoming a life coach or looking for ideas to coach themselves. it includes NLP and Spiral Dynamics.


M. (Writer)

"David has been a calm, supportive and positive influence for the past couple of months of life coaching. He's warm, sincere and has been very flexible in his approach to suit my particular needs. Our sessions have been really useful- I particularly appreciated the roleplay of seeing myself from the outside- David helped create a multiple mirror effect and that was an incredible learning experience..."

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Jim Brown

"Life-coaching does involve active engagement and preparation from the participant if a process of growth and change is going to result. David is excellent at asking open questions, illuminating choices and summarising responses. He never once advised me to take a certain pathway, just skilfully brought me towards a better understanding of my desired goals and how to achieve them."

Life Coaching with NLP

What are the benefits?

Many people are living their life below their full potential, believing that they must accept the cards fate has dealt them. For example do you want to:

  •  live the life you dream of?
  •  be in a job you enjoy?
  •  improve your relationships?
  •  make successful changes?
  •  have more confidence?
  •  be free of limiting phobias?
  •  get rid of stress?
  •  give up a habit?
  •  have a great self image?

A life coach is your partner in achieving your personal and professional goals. Someone who helps you think and supports you while you move forward to having, doing and being what you want in life. Life coaching awakens your inner resources and potential, NLP provides the tools and skills required to take charge of your brain, to have more choices and have flexible responses.


One to one coaching for people in business

Have you thought yet of using a life coach and NLP to improve your business? Creating a work life balance is crucial for people with busy lives. It is sometimes all too easy to only see short term goals and ignore the big picture. If your life is in balance you will be healthy, full of energy and work more efficiently, leaving you time for the other things that are important to you. Using Life Coaching to focus on the individuals in your business will bring our tbe best in each person. Imagine everyone in your business having this balance, how amazing and successful would it become?

Life Planning

Having a life plan is like generating your own self fulfilling prophesy

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Performace Confidence

Overcome stage nerves and develop techniques for performance confidence.

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"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself"

Leo Tolstoy

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