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The Journey

This is the story of Brandon Bay's journey in her search for the cause of a cancerous growth in her stomach. By listening to her body and the stories it had to tell she learned how to let go of the conflicts she discovered. As a result her body recovered to the astonishment of her doctors.



" I was horribly embarrassed by my seriously bitten finger nails chewed, picked and hacked to bits, frequently bruised and occasionally bleeding. Using his NLP skills Dave taught me the swish where I pictured my current nails and converted that picture to an ideal picture of what my nails could look like. Four months on I have nails to die for! They are long, strong and I have to cut and file them , I have even started dabbling with nail varnish!!
Thank you Dave for the gift of the the nails and for reinforcing that anything is possible!"

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David is based in Bristol, UK

David lives in Bristol, UK in Ashley Down Road. He sees clients at home or at a therapy room near by.

If you live outside Bristol

For some kinds of therapy telephone sessions are fine and can be very effective. Please call or email if you live outside of Bristol as often telephone sessions can be the answer.

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Managing states...

How often do you get into a state and wish you didn't, or wish you could remain calm instead?

Your goals...

Coming next
'Setting Goals'

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"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."

Wayne Dyer

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