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" I have found the coaching has helped me enormously in the way I approach work and house issues and improved my confidence."

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Performance Confidence

Courses can be arranged for organisations, choirs, groups. Phone or email for details and prices. You can also book one to one sessions with David.

Who is the workshop for?

This course is for musicians, singers, actors and dancers of all abilities and anyone who is looking for confidence when performing in front of an audience, for performances, exams or auditions.

What is the course about?

People come to performing from many different avenues. For some it is an easy transition while for others it is a terrifying ordeal. What then is the difference between those who take to the stage with excitement and purpose and those who find their hands shaking and their well practiced skills deserting them?
The journey to the stage is punctuated with many mini performances. These may be in front of a teacher, a first exam or performing for curious family and friends. Later it may be the school production or audition. The experience of these events and how they managed themselves will set patterns of response for future performance large or small.
What many performers have not yet discovered, until they put their first foot on the stage, is that having the confidence to do that is a skill quite distinct from the performance art itself. For the few who are ‘natural’ performers this is not a problem. For the rest of us this course is designed to provide the secrets of relaxation, focus, peak state, belief, enthusiasm and joy, and how to become a master of them all.

Course outline

The workshop is designed to provide artists with the skills to perform to audiences to the best of their ability.
The course will:
enable students to discover how they would like to be when they perform
enable students to explore what stops them from being their best
introduce confidence skills
provide exercises for students to acquire skills and use appropriately
use group work to create a collaborative learning environment
test the effectiveness of the skills through practical application
provide reference notes for students to continue to practice in the future

Life Planning

Having a life plan is like generating your own self fulfilling prophesy

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"When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you."

Tao Te Ching

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