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An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis

Micahael Yapko's book is, in my opinion, the best introduction, history and guide to practice of clinical hypnosis.Each chapter has a discussion, things to do, exercises and a comprehensive list of references. Highly recommended.


Deirdre Jones

"...I went to see David Griffiths to give up smoking and found him to be totally accepting giving me the safety and support to really thoroughly look at all my emotional entanglements with smoking and to really have a good chance of kicking the habit for good." Deirdre Jones ."

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Neil Johnstone

"...Since the hypnotherapy I have not lit or smoked one cigarette and found it has been such a help in not smoking many thanks.."

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Hypnotherapy with David Griffiths

With Hypnosis you can...

•  Build confidence and self-esteem
•  Stop smoking in one session.
•  Release weight and stay slim.
•  Remove phobias.
•  Eliminate anxiety and panic attacks.
•  Relieve depressive symptoms such as poor sleep.
•  Take control of your moods and feel more optimistic.
•  Improve your physical health.

Hypnotherapy addresses the unconscious mind. As a client you will experience a deep and therapeutic level of relaxation. You will have access to your conscious awareness at all times and you will always be in control. You are fully able to talk and, if you wish, to stop the session at any time. It is a state of mind, enhanced by mental and physical relaxation in which your subconscious is able to communicate with your conscious mind to utilise your inner resources and potential for beneficial change. It is usually a very relaxing and enjoyable experience and many changes can occur through a relatively light trance. Virtually everyone can be hypnotised

How can this happen?

Lack of confidence, stress, anxiety or an addiction, resides in the subconscious part of your mind. A unique combination of Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching rapidly transforms your subconscious behaviours and safely allows healthy and positive change to take place.

How long does it take?

It can vary from one person to another. Treatments like smoking cessation normally take one 90 minute session depending on case history.

Issues like anxiety, phobias, stress and confidence can be effectively dealt with from 3 to 5 sessions again depending on case history. After clearing your problem, we may need to introduce new positive skills and behaviours to your subconscious which is usually achieved in the 3 - 5 session programme.

Why do I offer a programme of sessions?

With hypnotherapy some issues can be simply dealt with in one session. Often though, there are smaller, but just as important, issues accompanying the main one which it is best to deal with to ensure lasting effectiveness. For example if stress is a trigger for smoking it is important to deal with the stress as part of the STOP SMOKING programme. Further sessions are important to build confidence and consolidate the positive changes you will experience.


You may already be convinced that hypnotherapy is for you or may be you are not sure, and curious to find out more. With no obligation I can offer you a 30 minute consultation to answer your questions or for you to experience a short, refreshing hypnosis session of deep relaxation.

Would you like a talk on the benefits of Hypnotherapy?

if you are part of a company , organisation or community group in the Bristol Area and would like to discover more about Hypnotherapy and NLP, how you can use it in your business or daily life to achieve better results call David on 0845 46602459 (Local Rate). David will be delighted to arrange to visit you at your location to give an introductory talk.



Life Planning

Having a life plan is like generating your own self fulfilling prophesy

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"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"


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