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Confidence Workshops for Performers

A workshop for musicins, actors, dancers, artists and anyone nervous of stepping on to a stage.




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Gain Confidence
Stop Smoking -
David Griffiths
NLP and Hypnotherapy


Gain Confidence

NLP and Hypnotherapy can bring about amazing and rapid personal change. Imagine having all the confidence you need. A high proportion of the problems many people face in Bristol and the UK are those who want to gain confidence as a key issue. Confidence is often at the core of their problem which is why I have made this my main area of study and specialism. Fear of public speaking, low self esteem, having the confidence to charge what you are worth, being afraid, shy in social or professional situations, feeling guilty, worrying about work, procrastination and self image are all aspects of confidence. NLP and Hypnotherapy can help.

Raising self image, increasing confidence and feeling at ease in your own body has a wonderful side effect of generating more energy and general well being. A healthy mind for a healthy body.

If you would like to gain confidence then NLP with Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching can be your first steps towards taking control of all aspects of your life and looking forward to enjoying your life with energy and confidence.

If you live in the Bristol area or even if you live anywhere in the UK and you are curious about how NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Life Coaching can be of help to you, I invite you to explore the rest of my site. As you become even more interested in how this could benefit you, why not book a session and discover for yourself how you can use your own resources to create the life you want.

David Griffiths is based in Bristol and works in the Bristol area. Life Coaching is also available by telephone or the internet using Skype.


Stop Smoking

Many people who smoke are now thinking they would like to stop smoking as legislation makes it increasingly difficult to find a place where smoking is allowed. The good news is that, with NLP and Hypnotherapy, to stop smoking can be a simple and painless process even for long term and heavy smokers. For most smokers it is often fear or a belief they can't stop that prevents them from making the decision to stop. I offer a unique combination of NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy which not only addresses the habit but also the causes and the triggers. Are you ready to stop smoking now to regain health, energy and vitality? Why not help make Bristol a healthy smoke free zone?

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confidence workshop for performers



I felt anxious and so inadequate, due to bereavement, not a good outlook on life, full of tears, fears and low self esteem.

In a very short space if time David handled all the stress for me. The process which he used was so calming and comforting. I felt a wonderful change in myself esteem I had not experienced before.

I went out of the door feeling very happy and so uplifted.

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Victoria H

"...thank-you for a wonderful experience through NLP. You put me through the time line experience which I found very grounding. Do you know it worked. I cannot believe it but it did. I now feel so different towards my mum."

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C. M.

"Life is all the better for your sessins."

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The Spark

"It was an eye opening experience, and one I would recommend to anyone suffering from feelings of self-doubt or low self-image."

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