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NLP Workbook

This book by Joseph O'Connor is an excellent introduciton to NLP. It is clearly written and is very accessible as an enjoyable and stimulating read


Mark D.

"Thanks for our NLP sessions, they really helped me to look at my problems from a different angle. The results were immediate and impressive,
They also helped with some physical symptoms and are still helping now.
You gave me some tools in which to help myself, I Really appreciate your time and thanks again to a real nice bloke.."

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M Bristol

"..I would be more than happy to recommend David Griffiths as an NLP/Hypno therapist, I saw David recently for a few sessions to help me combat anxiety and to gain more confidence. I feel a lot better for the sessions and found David was very understanding and knowledgable and I now feel I have the tools required to help me combat anxiety should situations occur in the future. Many Thanks. "

NLP Coaching with David Griffiths

How can NLP help?

Issues from the past, old beliefs and fears that may prevent us moving on can be identified and resolved with NLP personal change patterns.

NLP is the study of human subjective experience. The letters stand for Neuro Linguistic Programming. If we believe that we are the sum total of our life’s experience then we can also believe that our beliefs, our values and our behaviours result from that experience and can be changed. We can keep all that is useful and change all that is limiting us in any way.

Whatever we do is a result of what we think. By examining and questioning the beliefs and values which lie behind our thinking we can create new choices and new behaviours. We each have the gift of a wonderful brain containing all the resources we need to take control of our lives.

Are you ready to believe you can take control of your life?


Would you like a talk on how NLP can change your life?

Bristol is an exciting and vibrant city in which to live and work. If you are part of a company, organisation or community group in the Bristol area and would like to discover more about NLP and how you can use it in your business or daily life to achieve better results call David on
0845 46602459. David will be delighted to arrange to visit you at your location to give an introductory talk.

Performace Confidence

Overcome stage nerves and develop techniques for performance confidence.

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"There are two eternities that can really break you down - yesterday and tomorrow. One is gone and the other doesn't exist live today."

Author Unknown

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