Mandolin Express


"We were 'blown away' by the music you played for us on our wedding day. The music created just the right atmosphere."
Sue and Gordon Tennant
Jim Reynolds and Dave Griffiths
“Jim Reynolds, one of the finest singer-songwriters on the contemporary acoustic scene, and Dave Griffiths, mandolin and double bass wizard, are one of The Cori's most popular acts. This is rich, warm acoustic music - perfect for Sunday afternoons!”

“The first act of the night was Brejeiro, a quartet that specialize in Brazilian music. The slinky Brazilian music went down a treat in the room. "As it enters the ear" jazz guitarist Eddie Condon once asked "Does the music come in like broken glass or does it come in like honey?" Brejeiro's music was honey all the way.”
Bath Evening Chronical
“Cask .. were followed by Bristol group Brejeiro playing Choro music with so much energy and enthusiasm in their performance, the guitar and mandolins were great and the question on everybody's lips was “How did percussionist Andy do that with a  tambourine?”.
BMG Magazine

Duo Recado
"We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your amazing performance at our wedding. The music was fabulous. With the amazing weather and Italian music we thought we were actually in Italy - it was perfect."
Hayley and Joe
"Many , Many thanks for being even better than I imagined.You made our day the greatest and our memories of the day will last our life time."
Carl & Prudence Medford